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Wanna be on our shooting staff?  Take a look at the requirements and perks, and let us know.

1) Field Staff - This is our "Hunting" staff.  We are looking for representatives from every state and country to showcase their bow hunting abilities.  We would like to post your pictures and stories.  Field staff will receive a discount on PRSignature products.

2) Shooting Staff - Competetive archers from every state and country are encouraged to apply for our shooting staff.  We offer a significant discount on our products for that competitive edge.

3) Factory Staff - This level is for proven archers that can offer the company positive recognition in their respective areas of archery expertise.  There is a limited number of openings which are reserved for the top percentage of performance staff.  Generally, this level is reserved for previous staff members.

** To start the process, print and fill out our form below.

    Mail to PRSignature - P.O. Box 1 - Merrill - MI - 48637

staff app..pdf staff app..pdf
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