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Made in Merrill, MI - USA

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    PRSignature custom stabilizers are a Michigan made stabilizer that will help keep the budget conscience hunter or target archer on target. All of our stabilizers are made one at a time using only the finest components for stability and shock dampening. Both our target and hunting stabilizers are made out of 1" high strength aluminum tubing with a vibration dampening system that will take the hand shock and vibration away and also quite down any bow. To further dampen shock and vibration, we also include rubber dampening grommets and MaxJax dampeners.

  Our beautiful roll wrapped carbon fiber tubing is fabricated from unidirectional carbon fiber with a twill outer layer. The unidirectional layers are oriented to provide high bending stiffness and axial strength. The outer layer provides a bias support layer in addition to an attractive appearance.  

   There are three ways of adding weight at your desired point to balance your rig. #1 insert weights into grommets, #2 stackable weight inserts in the front cylinder, #3 aluminum weight insert at the front of stabilizer, or combine all three.

   Our standard finish is a durable powder coat in flat black, but we offer an unlimited choice of custom colors to suit your needs. So if there is something special you want we have the ability to create the stabilizer that you desire.

   So if you are looking for a quality stabilizer at a great price, look no further than PRSignature stabilizers. We keep you on target.